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Lei Jun Says Xiaomi Is A Retail Business and the Goal Is To Be Another MUJI

· Founders and VCs,Xiaomi
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“I believe for most people, the “MI” brand is quite familiar. But few of them know Xiaomi well.” Lei Jun said so in a public speech on August 31.

On August 31, at 2017 China Consumption Transformation and Upgrading Summit held by Shanghai International Business Conference, Lei Jun delivered a speech named Enhancing Efficiency is a Key for the New Retail Business”. He shared the MI model and introduced the transformation and upgrading of the traditional retail industry Xiaomi had done in past years in detail by taking the mobile as the starting point. He said,

“Xiaomi is mobile phone company, mobile Internet company and is also new retail company. And in the strict sense, I am a peer of audience today. Xiaomi is a retail company.”

This article originally appeared in TMTPOST and was translated and shared by Pandaily on September 7, 2017.