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Is Yanxuan the New Trendsetter for China’s Ecommerce Industry?

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The new and popular online marketplace Yanxuan showcases styles such as normcore and simplicity, with natural hues and basic daily accessories to be purchased. Yanxuan was launched by one of China’s long-standing internet companies, NetEase, and its products look much like the widely-known Japanese brand MUJI at first sight. What they shared in common are the similarities in their products’ aesthetic and style, with the ultimate goal of initiating a lifestyle and conducting some standards of values through their products. 

However, Yanxuan built its success through a totally different road from MUJI, or even Taobao and, while steadily becoming an outstanding representative of the industry. Yuanxuan was once under the background of stagnant growth rate of the overall ecommerce industry in China, it has seen rapidly soaring GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) quarter by quarter since its beta version was launched in 2015. China Tech Insights did a case study of Yanxuan and looked into the new trend of China’s ecommerce sector behind the success of the product.

This article was originally published by Dannie Li on September 11, 2017 via ChinaTechInsights.

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