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Creating Chinese Unicorns: Value Exchange Within the Xiaomi Ecosystem

Introduction to Xiaomi's Ecosystem Strategy by Shunwei Capital (Part II)

· Shunwei Capital,Xiaomi,Analysis,Editor's Desk

Summary: The Xiaomi platform is like an amplifier. With the help of the Mi brand (software and hardware + internet services), 150 million+ user base, own channel ( and supply chain, investment resources (funds and banks), and social influence, Xiaomi's strong ecosystem teams and projects have been made even more successful. The conditions that these start-ups enjoy in the early stages are what start-ups outside the ecosystem can only aspire to achieve.

Part II examines in more detail the value exchange between Xiaomi and its ecosystem partners. Shunwei provided the translation, but the original article was shared on Toutiao by L, Picar, and 穆澄 on April 26, 2017 (link here)

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