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Cheetah Mobile CEO Explains Why He Hired 200 AI Engineers in China

· Editor's Desk,AI,Robotics,Cheetah Mobile
Cheetah Mobile Sheng Fu at CES 2018.

Sheng Fu founded Cheetah Mobile in 2010, and he found a business making security apps such as Security Master for smartphones. Now it is a publicly traded company valued at $2.2 billion, with revenues of $707 million in 2016. It is targeted almost $800 million for 2017 revenues, after expanding into a variety of other areas, including utilities such as Clean Master for both smartphones and the PC.

[Dean Takahashi] met with Fu when the company opened its Silicon Valley office in 2016, and they met once again at CES 2018, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week. Fu told [Dean Takahashi] that the company will shift into the unknown landscape of products that makes use of artificial intelligence. And the Beijing company has already hired 200 engineers in China to expand its AI research.

To read the complete interview, click the link below to VentureBeat's website.

This article was originally published by Dean Takahashi on January 15, 2018 via VentureBeat.

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